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Black and white photo of the exterior of the Civic Museum. A large full moon has been photoshopped in the top right corner. A group of bats are flying over the moon. There are two small orange pumpkins sitting on the wall in front of the museum.

Fall PD Day Fun

For online activities and museum-from-home crafts and activities, download or print our October PD Day Activity Package. The package includes: Spooky Mobile Hanging Spiderweb Make Your Own Monster Puppet Guelph Museums Pumpkin Challenge (Online) Spooky BINGO! Halloween Greeting Card Halloween Colouring Pages Spooky Pictionary

Museum Everywhere

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Guelph Museums Crossword #3 – Before Social Distancing

Do you remember what life was like before this time of physical distancing? They’re almost hard to look at now, but Guelph Museums’ collection is full of photographs of people having fun in large groups. Let this crossword puzzle lead you on a tour of some of our favourite photos of people who hadn’t even…

Reproduction style photo of security footage catching a gang of stuffed animals arranged in a circle.

The Great Guelph Museums Artefact Heist!

It seems the puppets in the Families Gallery have stolen some of our artefacts, and replaced them with forgeries! Can you help us catch them in the act? Here’s how we think the heist happened… 10:25 PM, Wednesday, March 18: Video camera footage shows a meeting of the puppets. Our museum experts suspect that this…

Museum Games – Guelph Museums Puzzle Challenge #5

🧩 Are you ready for a challenge? Crazy quilt is an excellent pattern name for this week’s #MuseumGames puzzle. 300 puzzle pieces to stitch together!   See if you can beat the record score!   #MuseumFromHomeChallenge #Puzzle #GuelphMuseumsCollection

Museum Games – Guelph Museums Puzzle Challenge #4

This week’s #MuseumGames puzzle forms an image from an E.R. Bollert Advertising Card, 1899. E.R. Bollert & Co. sold fine gentlemen’s clothing and furnishings at 27 Lower Wyndham Street. The advertising card boasts, “”Fine Ordered Clothing. We solicit your patronage for our Tailoring Department, and among others, for the following reasons: 1st. Our stock comprises…

Guelph Museums Crossword #1 – Collection Pastimes

We’re all looking for activities and pastimes to do indoors right now, and the Guelph Museums collection has plenty! Explore some of our favourite items with this crossword puzzle. Instructions:   1. Access our digital collection at 2. Click on “Keyword Search.” 3. Type the series of numbers provided for each clue into the…

Museum Games – Guelph Museums Puzzle Challenge #3

This week’s puzzle is one of our easier ones – 16 pieces! Solve to unveil a beautiful artifact from the Guelph Museums Collection – a toy sewing machine, c. 1927. Stay tuned for more puzzle challenges to come!