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Self-Guided Museum Tours

We welcome your group at McCrae House and the Civic Museum for self-guided experiences. We provide an orientation at the start of your visit, and materials and suggested activities to make the most of your time at the museum.

McCrae House is the birthplace of Lt. Col. John McCrae, doctor, soldier and writer of In Flanders Fields. Exhibitions at this site focus on McCrae’s life in Guelph, his artistic pursuits, his medical and military service, and the impact of his legacy. The museum provides space for reflection and contemplation, inside and in the outdoor gardens.

The Civic Museum showcases Guelph’s history through permanent and featured exhibitions, including interactive installations in the Families Gallery, the City Gallery, and the Where the Rivers Meet display.

Feature exhibitions at the Civic Museum include:

  • Rapid Response: Collecting Experiences as they are Lived (until February 27)
  • #HopeAndHealing, Tracey-Mae Chambers (until February 27)
  • Moving Histories, Neighbourhood Mysteries (March 12 to September 4)
  • Memory Cycle: Re-Sonified Artifacts (until April 17)
  • Witnessing War (April 30 to December 4)
  • Iron Willed: Women in STEM (September 17 to February 20)
  • Witchcraft (December 17, 2022 to September 10, 2023)


Guelph Civic Museum and/or McCrae House


$6 per person

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For more information and to reserve your tour, contact: [email protected] or 519-836-1221 ext. 3552

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