Guelph Museums Crossword #1 – Collection Pastimes

We’re all looking for activities and pastimes to do indoors right now, and the Guelph Museums collection has plenty! Explore some of our favourite items with this crossword puzzle. Instructions:
1. Access our digital collection at
2. Click on “Keyword Search.”
3. Type the series of numbers provided for each clue into the search bar, then press “Enter.”
4. Click on the object that pops up.
5. Take a moment to look at the pictures and read all about the artefact! Then, look at the “object name.” That word will be the answer to your clue.
6. Fill in your answer in the right spot on the crossword puzzle.
Note: If the object name is made up of two words separated by a comma, switch their order and remove the comma and the space between them. For example, “Mug, coffee” would become “coffeemug.”

Posted by Dawn Owen on April 26, 2020

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