Our collection numbers over 40,000 items. Among the oldest artifact is an 18th century globe that was brought to Guelph by the Marsh family in the 1830s.

The collection also includes more recent contemporary items that document the history of this community.

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Helpful Hints

• When searching a phrase or name under keyword, put the phrase in quotations (e.g. “John Smith”). This will narrow your search to those words together and not search for every reference to those words separately.

• Try to use specific words or phrases to keep your search results manageable. Using generic words like black or Guelph will bring you thousands of results and the search unwieldy.

Research Requests

Our staff responds to over 800 research requests annually. Photographs and maps are among the materials most frequently accessed. If the answers cannot be found from within our collection, we can direct you to other resources such as Wellington County Museum & Archives, Guelph Public Library, and the University of Guelph.

All research requests should be directed to Laura Coady, Collections and Research Coordinator at 519-836-1221 x2776 or [email protected]

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