Guelph Museums Crossword #3 – Before Social Distancing

Do you remember what life was like before this time of physical distancing? They’re almost hard to look at now, but Guelph Museums’ collection is full of photographs of people having fun in large groups. Let this crossword puzzle lead you on a tour of some of our favourite photos of people who hadn’t even heard of physical distancing!


1. Access our digital collection at

2. Click on “Keyword Search.”

3. Type the series of numbers provided for each clue into the search bar, then press “Enter.”

Fun fact: These numbers are called accession numbers, and they help us keep track of all the artefacts we have at the museum.

4. Click on the object that pops up.

5. Take a moment to look at the pictures and read all about the artefact! Then, look at the “Title.” The first word in the title will be the answer to your clue.

6. Fill in your answer in the right spot on the crossword puzzle.

*For clues with an asterisk next to them, the answer to the clue is the surname in the title, and not the first word.