Unmentionables on display at Guelph Civic Museum!

GUELPH, ON, December 12, 2012: Guelph Civic Museum opens Waist Management: A History of Unmentionables, a new touring exhibit from the Fashion History Museum on Friday January 11, 2013. Waist Management is a visual journey through the evolving styles of corsets, crinolines, bustles and bras that have been used to idealize the female form since the late 18th century. The exhibit runs until April 14, 2013.

“While undergarments have played an important part throughout fashion history, they were rarely seen – for obvious reasons,” says Acting Manager Bev Dietrich. “Exhibitions dedicated to the history of undergarments are equally rare, so we’re thrilled for the opportunity to showcase a portion the Fashion History Museum’s vast collection of garments and offer a view of the evolution of unmentionables.”

Practical undergarments have been worn since the dawn of fashion. They were used to protect outer clothing and provide warmth, modesty, support and comfort. However, undergarments have also been used to pad and bind the natural figure in order to create the fashionable silhouette of the time.

About Fashion History Museum

Founded in 2004, the Fashion History Museum is a federal non-profit corporation that stores and maintains a collection of over 8,000 garments and accessories, dating back to 1660s.  It specializes in creating traveling exhibitions, developing research projects, and partnering with other institutions to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of fashion history. The museum is currently creating a contemporary Canadian designer collection as well as a comprehensive library and archives of fashion related publications and documents. It is also in the process of developing a permanent exhibition space for its collection.

Guelph Civic Museum is open daily from 1-5 pm and is located at 52 Norfolk St.  For more information, call 519-836-1221 ext. 2773 or visit guelph.ca/museum.

Posted by Dawn Owen on December 20, 2012