Guelph Circa 1999 – Pogs Craft

Photo of Guelph Museums themed pogs. Its a pile of 7 pogs with Guelph photos, including John McCrae, Locomotive 6167, Families Gallery, McCrae House, and the Civic Museum

How to Make Your Own Pogs

Downloadable PDF Instructions

Playing with Pogs was a huge craze in the 1990s. Make your own set to play at home! Game play instructions are on the next page.

You will need: Cardboard, paper, scissors, markers, glue.

Step 1. Cut out cardboard circles, approximately 5 centimetre in diameter, then cut out the same number of paper circles.

Step 2. Decorate your paper circles however you like—draw on them, or print pictures from the internet and paste them on.

Step 3. Glue one paper circle to each cardboard circle.

Step 4. Now you have your own pogs!

Step 5. Try to get the people around you to make their own pogs so you can play together!

How to Play Pogs

Step 1. Find one person to play Pogs with you.

Step 2. Choose a large coin (a loonie or toonie) to use as your “slammer.”

Step 3. Combine your Pogs with your opponent’s Pogs, and stack them face-down.

Step 4. Flip a coin to see who will go first.

Step 5. Whoever goes first “slams” the edge of the stack with the coin, and gets to keep any of the Pogs that get flipped right side up.

Step 6. Take turns “slamming” the stack, and collecting the Pogs. The more Pogs you have in your stack, the longer the game will last!

Step 7. The game ends when all the Pogs have been collected. Whoever has the most Pogs at the end wins!

Follow along with Emma for how to make your own set to play at home!

Posted by Dawn Owen on March 23, 2020

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