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CFRU: 40 Years on the FM Dial

Guelph Civic Museum 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph

CFRU Radio & Media Centre celebrates 40+ years of broadcasting the voices of Guelph's campus and community at 93.3 FM. Featuring interactive audio and visual links, artifacts, and ephemera pulled…

Bravo! Guelph Little Theatre Celebrates 85 Years

Guelph Civic Museum 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Banner Image: The cast from “Angel Street” (1991), based on the 1938 play titled “Gaslight” by British dramatist Patrick Hamilton. Bravo! As the city's longest running community theatre, Guelph Little Theatre celebrates 85 years of creativity and entertainment. Guelph Museums invites you behind the curtain and on the stage through stories, photographs, costumes and props.…