This Day In Guelph History: April 3, 2004

To commemorate Canada’s sesquicentennial and Guelph’s 190th anniversary, Guelph Museums and the University of Guelph have teamed up to present This Day in Guelph, Ontario, Canada History – Old news gets a modern twist as we revisit news stories from the past 150 years.

April 3, 2004

“Following in Terry’s footsteps”

Nineteen year old Jonathan Dockman ran through Guelph along Highway 7. He is determined to continue until he reaches Victoria, B.C. Jonathan’s mission mimics the late Terry Fox who died in 1981 after he walked and ran a total of 5,400 kilometers across Canada. Like Terry Fox, Jonathan was running to raise awareness and donations for Optimist International’s fight against childhood cancer. Jonathan claims that he’s really happy to have the capabilities to run halfway across Canada and he hopes to draw more attention to his cause.

Photo: Jonathan Dockman along highway 7, between Guelph and Kitchener.

Source: Guelph Mercury

Jonathan Dockman running along highway 7, between Guelph and Kitchener

Posted by Dawn Owen on April 3, 2017

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