Artist’s Inspiration: Tania Orton

Sunset valley view. White text overlay reads Artist's Inspiration: Girl Power

We invited local artists to respond to the theme of Girl Power as part of our Wall of Art series, a quarterly juried art show produced in partnership with Guelph Arts Council. The submissions received were incredibly varied, as each artist brought a truly unique perspective to the theme. For this blog series, we asked the artists to explain the story that their piece tells.

Tania Orton – Even if the Wig is Awry

When I sat down with the theme Girl Power in mind, the inspiration to create this piece was almost immediate. I knew I wanted to create something that had the ability to demonstrate the courage and strength that women have when fighting cancer. The girl in this piece is seen playing the drums, with a proud display of courage despite the fact she was facing the incredible challenges that come with a battle against cancer. The title, Even if the Wig is Awry, helps add to the work’s story, showing that no matter how difficult the battle gets, she will always find the strength to move forward with her own life, even when her wig is awry.

Submission: Even if the Wig is Awry

Medium: Fabric dye and wax

On display at Guelph Civic Museum

Tania Orton's Even if the Wig is Awry

Tania Orton’s Even if the Wig is Awry

Posted by Dawn Owen on July 12, 2016