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Reading Galt

Civic Museum 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Guelph Museums is in the process of decolonization through the restructuring of our colonialist framework and by collaborating meaningfully with First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. We are committed to…

Guelph Circa 1999

Civic Museum 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Like a time capsule, visitors will discover Guelph of 20 years ago. Told through the stories of the people who spent time at The Bookshelf, a cultural hub in this city since 1973, the exhibition also features artifacts from the 1990s and early 2000s.


Rotary in Guelph 1920–2020: 100 Years of Service Above Self

Civic Museum 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Image: Rotarians of Guelph, 1921 The Beginning of Rotary in Guelph: On February 23, 1920, 25 local business leaders hosted a meeting to organize a Rotary Club in Guelph. Under…

Every Child Matters

Civic Museum 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Acknowledging the legacy of Canada’s Residential School system and its impact on Indigenous communities, past, present and future. What is Residential School? The term “Residential School” refers to the education system that forced Indigenous children into mainstream “Canadian” ways of living. The practice removed Indigenous children from their families, languages, customs, and traditional teachings. There…

Lay of the Land

Civic Museum 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph

You are here! This interactive exhibition will orient visitors in time and place through an installation of maps, spanning time immemorial to present day. Lay of the Land invites all…