This Day In Guelph History: March 30, 2007

To commemorate Canada’s sesquicentennial and Guelph’s 190th anniversary, Guelph Museums and the University of Guelph have teamed up to present This Day in Guelph, Ontario, Canada History – Old news gets a modern twist as we revisit news stories from the past 150 years.

March 30, 2007

“Boy raises money to buy goats in Third World”

Nine-year-old Charlie Woods aspired to change lives of the less unfortunate in Third World countries. After attending a World Vision concert, Charlie was determined to help less unfortunate families: “I just couldn’t stand knowing there are people out there that were dying every hour… and I was just sitting there not doing anything about it.” Charlie sold hot chocolates and homemade goat dolls to family and friends. He raised over $200 which was enough money to buy two goats for families in need. TVOKids show recognized Charlie’s efforts and broadcasted his unique mission to inspire other children to help others.

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Posted by Sarah Ball on March 30, 2017

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