Artist’s Inspiration: Bob McCorkindale

Written manuscript of In Flanders Fields

We asked local artists to create works inspired by John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields for a special juried art show commemorating the centenary of the poem. The submissions we received were incredibly varied, as each artist brought a truly unique perspective to the poem. In this blog series, the artists explain in their own words what motivated their work. See more artist inspiration stories here.

Bob McCorkindale: 

My Grandmother Jessie McCrae McCorkindale was a First cousin and pen pal with Jack (John McCrae) from University days and the Boer War etc.

He was often spoken of with great affection at the dinner table in our large farm house. I grew up hearing many stories of John’s medical achievements at McGill and of course in France, the Flanders Field hospital, and the No.3 Canadian General Hospital.

I wanted to emphasize John McCrae the medical doctor, as most portraits show him in his Artillery uniform, so I researched stethoscopes and operating gowns of that time period, in order to paint the Dr John McCrae portrait.

Visit Bob McCorkindale’s website for more info: 

McCorkindale Dr  John McCrae (848)

Posted by Dawn Owen on June 23, 2015