Photo of Guelph Museums themed pogs. Its a pile of 7 pogs with Guelph photos, including John McCrae, Locomotive 6167, Families Gallery, McCrae House, and the Civic Museum

Guelph Circa 1999 – Pogs Craft

Photo of Locomotive 6167. The steam engine train is black with a red plaque under the headlight. On the red plaque, 6167 is written in gold.

Locomotive 6167 Magical Train Journey

Black and white photo to mimic a low-tech security camera footage. Farm animal puppets arranged in a circle, the sheep puppet is the leader.

The Great Guelph Museums Artefact Heist!

Sample of a homemade paper compass. Instead of North, East, South, West, the compass is labelled, Ahead, Right, Behind, Left.

Lay of the Land – Make Your Own Compass

Photo of a pair of homemade binoculars made out of toilet paper roles. The binoculars have a black string strap.

Lay of the Land – Binocular Craft and Scavenger Hunt

Outline of the Civic Museum building. It is left blank so that you can design your own museum. The sign in front of the museum is also blank for you to rename your museum.

Make Your Own Museum – Activity Booklet

Guelph Museums Colouring Pages cover. Sample from a Greeting from Guelph postcard.

Guelph Museums Colouring Pages

Posted by Julia Busatto on January 11, 2022