Guelph Roll of Honour updates

The names of 31 soldiers who served and died during the first and second World Wars will be added to the Guelph Roll of Honour cenotaph in 2018, decades after making the ultimate sacrifice.

In 2014, the City of Guelph received inquiries from community members regarding names of military personnel they considered to be missing from the cenotaph. This prompted the City to develop a policy for identifying additional names at the cenotaph and a call to the community to submit names of members of the Canadian Forces from Guelph, who died as a result of their military service, and who were not already identified on the Roll of Honour.

The call for submissions generated 78 names submitted to Guelph Museums for further research. After reviewing military records and cross-referencing the names with those on the Roll of Honour, the Museum identified 32 of the suggested names were already included at the cenotaph, and 15 did not qualify for inclusion under the City’s cenotaph policy.

With assistance from Woodlawn Memorial Park, the following names will be added to the Roll of Honour early in 2018:




Posted by Sarah Ball on November 8, 2017

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